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How to keep your property warm this winter

Posted in Lettings

As the nights draw in and we get closer to the winter months we often think about ramping up the central heating and warming up by the fire. But if your are planning on selling or letting our a property did you know the cold and damp could really put potential buyers or tenants off. Draughty doorways and poor insulation could even loose you a sale. If you rent out a property you'll also want to make sure that your tenants don't struggle in the winter months and of course there are also the benefits that a warm and dry property is unlikely to have issues with mould, damp or burst pipes. So we've take a look at some ways that you can winter-proof your house for selling or letting. 

1. Install a thermostat

A thermostat is a handy device which means that you can programme your heating system to come on at a specified temperature or pre-set times. Research from the University of Salford shows that installing a thermostat can result in energy savings of 40%. This could be particularly useful for landlords who may have tenants who are often away as it ensures that the house can still stay warm throughout these periods. 

2. Invest in a new boiler

Whilst a new boiler can be a large expense it can be well worth it in the long run. If you are selling a property then being able to tell prospective buyers that they have a new hassle free boiler can be a great selling point for them to consider. If you are a landlord then an old boiler could break down frequently necessitating expensive repairs  and annoying your tenants! If your boiler is over 10 years old it could be time to consider a new one! 

3. Get rid of drafts

Drafts can be off-putting for potential buyers when you are showing them around your house and as a tenant they can be annoying and expensive as you end up spending more in heating bills. However the good news is that they are relatively easy to fix. Take a walk around your property to note any cold areas and look at installing rubber seals and draught excluders around your doors and windows. You can do this easily yourself too so there are no outside costs involved. 

4. Install insulation

Did you know that around 25% of heat is lost through your room and around a third of heat in a home without property insulation is lost through the walls? That's why it could be a good idea to consider installing loft or cavity wall insulation in your property. Although it's not always cheap it is a great selling point as it means lower heating bills year on year for prospective buyers so can be a great investment. 

5. Install radiator panels

This is an easy and low cost way to help your property benefit more from the heat produced by radiators. Radiator panels work by reflecting heat back into the room and mean that heat goes into the rooms rather than the walls. 

If you need any advice on how to keep your property well insulated just get in touch with our team. We also have a range of professional and trusted maintenance workers who can help with any work you may need doing.

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