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5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying A Property

Posted in Sales

Buying a house is a big commitment. Mortgage payments are generally the biggest monthly outlay for people nowadays and of course your choice of where to live will also impact on your lifestyle. Therefore it’s important to think carefully before you make the decision to put an offer on a property. Often it’s easy to get carried away when looking at a property but you need to think with your head as well as your heart. Don’t be afraid to ask the following questions to the vendor or your estate agent as they should always be happy to help with any issues you may have.

1. Why are you moving?

There’s usually a reasonable reason why people are moving. It could be that they are downsizing or moving for work but it’s always wise to ask this question. Depending on their answer you will be able to gauge if there are problems with the neighbours, issues in the local area or even if the property is outside of the catchment area for a well respected school.

2. What do you recommend about the area?

If you are buying a property you will be intending to put down roots so it’s a good idea to find out about the local area. Ask them if their children went to the local school and what public transport is like. You can ask about the neighbours and local community too and find out what services and amenities the area has to offer.

3. Has the house had any renovations done recently?

A house that has been renovated means you will have to spend less money and time on the property when you move in, so you should always ask about the condition of the house. Find out if has had any refurbishments such as a new boiler or damp proofing as these can all add value to the property.

4. Is there ground rent payable on the property?

Some properties come with certain conditions. Often ground rent will be very reasonable but it’s important that you have the full picture about the financial situation before you decide to buy.

5. Do you have somewhere to move to?

A chain free property means a quicker move for you which is ideal if you are first time buyers. However this may be stressful if you are selling and the vendors are pushing for a quick move. It’s always a good idea to find out your relative positions to make sure the sale goes as smoothly as possible and both parties know what to expect.

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