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Add Value To Your Property With A Home Office

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Lockdown has created many changes in our lifestyles and one that we think is here to stay in our ‘new normal’ is home working! Statistics show that the number of people in the UK who are now working from home has increased to around 50% since March, and many people are really enjoying the flexibility and improved work life balance that this has given them. However lots of homeworkers have been suffering from cramped working spaces – crowding round the kitchen table or trying to find a free corner in a bedroom. This means that it’s no surprise that home-buyers are now putting a home office at the top of their must have lists for their next property. So if you are looking to sell then a great way to add value to your home and increase its desirability is to create a home working area. In this blog we’ll look at some easy ways for you to capitalise on this trend to help sell your property.

Create a Garden Office Garden

offices are really popular as they give people a sense of separation between work and home and also offer some welcome peace and quiet from the bustle of household life. Whilst larger garden offices can run to thousands of pounds you could create a simple outside workspace by re-vamping a shed or garden building that you already have. As long as this is in good condition you can use a few easy ways to improve it and create the ideal home office. Give the inside a lick of white paint to increase the sense of space and use mirrors to bring light into the office, add a cosy rug, a desk and a plant to give a warm and welcoming feeling to the workspace.

Utilise Your Spare Bedroom

Show potential buyers the versatility of your house by creating a dual purpose bedroom and office space. Spare bedrooms are often the smallest room in the house but with some brilliant space saving tips you can certainly make the most of this area. A pull down desk which clips neatly onto the wall makes a handy workstation and you can make use of shelving for storage and organisation. For more floor space you could invest in a chair bed which folds down for overnight guests and packs away when you are working.

Get Creative

If you don’t have a garden shed or a spare room then don’t worry, even the smallest property can have its own dedicated home working area – all you need is a little creativity. Take a look at your living space and if there are any unused corners or nooks have a think about how you can make them into a working space. If you wish to invest some time and money you can block off the office space with a plasterboard wall or you can utilise bookshelves or furniture as handy room dividers. However small your space there will be a desk to fit and it’s a great way to show off the flexibility of your space to prospective buyers By creating a home office you will really impress buyers and will make your property the one they want to buy. As always Wrights are here to help. We offer a free no obligation valuation and can offer support and advice on how to improve your property to get the price you want.

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